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LIVE WORK PLAY at Inlet View Tower

Comfort, style, convenience.

At Inlet View Tower, we pride ourselves on providing residents with comfortable and modern accommodations. As the first high-rise in Alaska, our unique blend of classic history and modern apartments makes us stand out from the competition. If you are looking for a space to call home, we offer a range of accommodations to satisfy your needs. Learn about the history of the city while enjoying artwork from local artists Romney Dodd and Kara Oestgaard. Our onsite AKME or IHOH are perfect for a quick bite or a relaxing meal.

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Conveniently Located

One of the world's most scenic destinations, Anchorage is located on the south central coast of Alaska, encircled by six mountain ranges and bathed by the waters of Cook Inlet. This area is a bustling metropolis for business professionals, with convention centers and corporations located just minutes from our apartments. Conveniently located, Inlet View Tower is within walking distance to New Sagaya, downtown Anchorage, and the Coastal Trail.
Whether you are looking for a permanent home, temporary relocation or vacation, make your home at Inlet View Tower in downtown Anchorage. Our well-appointed apartments includes modern rooms and stylish amenities. 

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Furnished or Unfurnished Rentals

Wake up to breathtaking views from our newly renovated studio and one bedroom apartments. Enjoy all the modern amenities necessary to make your stay comfortable and relaxing, including impeccable and fully refurbished bathrooms, and sleek, redesigned kitchen spaces, complete with the latest appliances. Choose our apartments for the ultimate in comfort, luxury, and unforgettable experiences.

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Anchorage 360


At the historic Inlet View Tower, the first high rise built in Alaska, we offer a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors to Anchorage. Our open rooftop (coming soon) is the perfect spot to catch the best views of the city, whether you're here for one of Alaska's famous trolley tours or just visiting for the day. Learn about the history of the city while enjoying artwork from local artist Kara Oestgaard. The perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploring the city or enjoying a romantic evening, our Pubhouse features a great selection of local wines, brews, and spirits, paired with classic pub fare with a unique Alaskan twist. Come and join us today and experience Anchorage from a whole new perspective! 

Dining Options

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AKME Bar and Lounge

Savor gastropub-style comfort food with an upscale twist at AKME Bar and Lounge. A local landmark and best-kept secret, PubHouse is an Alaskan gastropub, centrally located inside Downtown Anchorage's Inlet Tower Hotel & Suites. This award-winning bistro specializes in fresh Alaskan seafood, including smoked Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, local beef, and wild game. All desserts are made in house. PubHouse is the ideal place to unwind over dinner or enjoy rounds of masterfully brewed microbrews and barley wine. Banquet Facilities and on-site catering are also available. 


At the International House of Happiness (IHOH), every dish is made with quality ingredients and great care is taken to prepare each dish to perfection. We offer a variety of options to suit any palate, from traditional comfort food to healthy options and vegetarian dishes. Our goal is to provide the best possible service and meal to every customer that walks through our doors. Come visit us and taste the difference that quality ingredients and careful preparation can make!

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Apartments Available Now!

Welcome to Inlet View Tower, your premier choice for affordable and convenient apartments. We pride ourselves on our carefully curated selection of apartments, which feature both furnished and unfurnished options. Our apartments are designed to make your life as comfortable as possible, with exceptional amenities. Whether you're a young professional or a retiree looking for a peaceful community, we've got you covered. Contact Inlet View Tower today and apply for your new home!

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